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In the age of COVID-19, when we can not go door-to-door or meet for coffees, this kind of electronic outreach is crucial for my campaign. Your time and willingness to communicate with your friends is priceless and truly appreciated.
Our friend-to-friend outreach tool will figure out how many of your contacts can vote for City Council in Mountain View.  Then you send messages to those voters from your contact list.  The messages come directly from you, a trusted friend, so they mean much more than if they came from a stranger or an organization.  That makes them likely to get opened, read and acted on. Privacy protection is a top priority of Outreach Circle. 
Outreach Circle was designed here in Mountain View by Sangeeth Peruri when he ran for school board in 2014.  Every year it gets improved. Don't hesitate to text Cliff Chambers at ‪(650) 417-3091‬ if you need a little assistance signing up. 
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